Fun in the Snow


Pure Magic

Great List #37: The Office Job

To the girl who said in admiration “wow you work in an office…that’s so great- you have your career going.” To that girl, keep dreaming and reaching for that office job.

Quiet Winter Mornings…

Great List #36: Getting to Work a Little Early

I really like getting to work a little early and slowly starting the day. Grabbing a cup of coffee, browsing a few articles, catching up on the weekend with other colleagues. Letting work fall into your day rather than you falling into work.

Great List #35: Reading Past Great Items

Hi everyone, I am back. Took a short break from blogging but I am back at it again. I got inspired by my past great items to keep posting…because they brought me back to the simple things in life that we all take for granted…myself included.

Great List #34: Donation Bag

I have a donation bag sitting right outside our bedroom door. The bag itself needs to go. Every time I wear something or find something I don’t like- I fold it up and put it my bag. I got Hubby on it too- I see him coming back from work, taking off the shirt he was wearing, folding it, and placing it in the bag. Once the bag is full I’ll do a laundry of the donation items and walk it down to the thrift store by our apartment.