The wedding is only four months away and I got nothing booked- YIKES!! I want to get the best deal, research everything, and ask as many questions as possible. However it’s time to finally book a venue and get excited about my wedding! I need to come to a decision soon…this WEEKEND!


Wedding Venue

Is not rocket science to say that first impressions count. So why doesn’t wedding venues seem to get that? A few days ago I went to look at the ballroom at Embassy Suites; sure it was a day before Thanksgiving around 3 PM, but still. I did what I was supposed to do- called a few days before and made sure the time/day still worked for them. I was told that I wouldn’t have a problem with looking at the ballroom by myself, which surprised me a little because I don’t know other hotels that allow strangers to wander around which every way they liked, but still I thought maybe this is such a place.

When I got there however I was made to wait until they tracked someone from the catering place to show me around. Then this woman came who barely smiled and had zero energy nor excitement.

When I asked to see the room that the ceremony would be held in she replied “it mirrors this one…so you get the picture.”

The impression was set.

When I first started my wedding venue search I had no idea how to even begin or what questions to ask- but we all need to start somewhere. I started off by making list of what was important for the wedding. I knew the most essential part about having a Hindu ceremony is for the priest to perform the rituals which always included fire. This is why every venue I contacted the first question was always about the need to start a small fire then came is April 3rd available?