Idea & the Anniversary Card

I am excited this morning because I am pondering an idea. The idea stems from this saying ““If you are going to do something do it well.” I am imaging what that would mean if I take small things in my life and incoperate this idea into them. I am going to try to do things with utmost love and to the best of my abilities. How would this frame of mind feel lke when I am cooking (taking extra care to add ingredients, cutting the vegetables in a nice even way), when I am getting ready (putting on a cute accessory, ironing jeans if is needed), or when I am cleaning (finishing one section before moving on, buying things I always like and pleases my eyes instead of worrying about the cost).

For example, last week I picked out an anniversary card for my second set of parents.

Here was the dialoge I had with myself at the Hallmark store:

I shouldn’t spent too much money on a card afterall its paper.” immediately I told myself as I walked into the Hallmark store.

This was a wrong thought because anniversaries come only once a year and a truly good time to let people know how much you appreciate them and care for them.

I remembered the idea “Wait, what about my rule of if you are doing something/buying something- get something nice even if it cost a few more dollars and imagine the look on parents faces when they receive a nice card with a great verse in the mail.”

So once I realized the benefit of getting a nice card I stopped immediately flipping to the backside to look at the prices- instead I just focused on the card. There was this one particular card that looked very nice and the verse was just terrific. I knew this card would be appreciated more than all the medicore cards that were in the store.

When I got home I was excited to sent it off right away- The hubby really liked it when I showed it to him and my mother-in-law called right away when she received the card.


This Is Me.

I sometimes have this feeling that I need to express myself whether its by writing, decorating, buying a piece of clothing that says me…something/somehow that says to myself … that “this is me.” So this morning I am faced with this feeling. I think this is what happens when you don’t have a schedule- it really allows you to ponder and be in the moment with your feelings. If you have a busy day, you are in motion, and listening to how you are feeling is not always so easily accessible.


A Box

Oh Oh! Feeling like I should wish for something greater in life- why is it so hard to let the mind wander and GO places!! What is the secret to those who do this? To run with an idea or at least be okay with reaching out further than ever imagined.

This is great time for me to do this especially with all the new changes that are in my life. This is the time – this is IT. Why do I feel stuck? Mundane? What is holding me back?

Why am I scared? What is it? Why does it feel like I am stuck in a small box- not me but my mind!

Notice at Work

I gave my notice at work today. February 2nd will be my last day. Its official-the ball is rolling. I felt pretty nervous at first on how to approach my manager but I think she knew it was coming. After our meeting I felt relieved. Its time for a change-a new beginning.

The wedding is on April 3rd so I am going to be spending a few weeks with Amazing guy in February before I come back in March to finalize everything for the wedding.

1st- Interview in the Big City

I went to my first job interview in NYC last Friday. Every time I applied for jobs, I would receive an e-mail confirming if I was aware that the opening is in NYC. First, how likely is it that you are going to move unto the interview if you didn’t even pay attention to where the job posting is?

That being said I would have done a few things differently. As with any interviews I walked out of there thinking “that went………..I have no idea.” Then, it turned into “what was I thinking? I said that? What? What? What?” My flight back to Minnesota “I think I did okay…there is a chance.” After the remark about my Minnesota accent I wanted to fit in- so I thought perhaps I would do what a New Yorker might do:

Sterotypes are to be excused…

About the commute of all things in New York. My nerves got the better of me so when questions weren’t being thrown at me I complained about the subway (bad idea). I wanted to find a common ground with my interviewers. Complaining is just a bad idea anywhere in the world when it comes to an interview. You want to leave the room with the positive energy.

Know the department and the job description:
Don’t assume what they need in the department. That’s why I had a job description- memorize it and preach it.

Know the City at least pretend:
I was asked if I knew Manhattan all that well. I had to be honest- besides days spent with Amazing Guy and him leading me- I don’t know. So what do I have to do now? Learn it. Know the city. Know the location of where the interview is taking place and the surrounding areas. They are looking for confidence so demonstrate it.

Always ask follow-up questions:
Don’t be nice by not asking. Ask at least one question especially if the offer for questions is on the table.

Stop saying “amazing view”:
There is something to see everywhere in New York.

Be in tune with the needs of the department:
They needed someone to start as soon as possible so tell them you will be there tomorrow if they want. Work with your current manager. Give the options- working remotely as I wrap up my current position. This inspires confidence.

Get there 15 minutes early:
This is a must! New Yorker or not. A time to sit quietly and reflect on the upcoming interview.

Know your organizational skills:
And be ready with examples. In the fast-paced world we are living in being organized it’s a must for any employer.

To the questions and answer appropriately.

Interview 1
Job offer 0

The Blog Begins.

Arranged in love is about a journey- I am confident a happy one, that I am going to start soon in an arranged marriage.  Please don’t have images of an arranged marriage as-I only saw my future husband for a day and got married to him or that I had no say in this.  It was quite opposite all together.  It was an introduction from my parents and the rest …. (get to that in detail later).

In a few short months I will be moving from Minnesota to New Jersey- maybe a job in NYC or full time school- will be leaving my family and friends- the comfort of home, of knowing for sure what is and what isn’t….

Let the journey begin.  Wedding plans come first…