Great List #20: A Beautiful Quiet Zone

Last week on a beautiful sunny day I went for a small walk around the neighborhood. I got some lunch along the way and decided to have it by the river only a few blocks down. As I crossed the road to all the beautiful greenery and a glimpse of the river- I saw just up ahead a beautiful garden in the middle of this piece of land and benches along the side of the garden standing in the shade. I said “wow- so many things to explore in the city.” I took one side of the garden and walked around- couldn’t help but see the quiet zone sign mounted. A few people were there reading, painting, knitting- in the quiet spot in the city.

And it was a the most serene place to be quiet in.  I got this picture from the Carl Schurz Park site.


90-Square-foot Microstudio

Well, after living in NYC for a couple of months I know that anyone can have a very comfortable life in a smaller place. But this is just a bit on the crazy side!

Library Hell

One thing I miss from the Midwest are the libraries! I was so excited to visit my local library this morning and get some study time in. I walked about 10 blocks carrying my laptop and my books in a gloomy/rainy day here in NYC. The library was so small and crowded already at 11 in the morning! People were sitting elbow to elbow and more people were walking around looking for a spot. The library was way too hot on top of all this activity.

A nice seating area right by the windows had big signs that it was reserved for a group- the hour I spent at the library I didn’t see one member of the group come to claim their spot. Yet here were people packed into tables and waiting their chances for computers.

What a mess. To use one tiny restroom at the library you have to go down about 20 flights of stairs into a basement dungeon.

The libraries I have known were large spacious areas for people to think and focus. And more than enough books to be checked out at any given time.

The City & and the Coins

A nice thing happened in the city and I thought I would let you know.

As I was walking into the subway, I wanted to put my Metro card away in my wallet- as I got my wallet out ALL MY COINS fell to the ground- going every which way.

There were a lot of coins on the ground as I had saved up the coins for laundry for the coming weekend.

The people who saw what happened helped gather all my coins for me as I stood there in complete frustration.

In a fast paced place like NYC – this definitely was out of the ordinary…

Portraits of NYC

Some shots around the neighborhood…

Christmas Tree Shopping

For this holiday season I am thinking about getting a real christmas tree. As I was walking in the neighborhood, just a block away from the apartment, I saw bunch of christmas trees in all sizes sitting on the sidewalk and a man sitting by them. As I got closer I can hear christmas carols from the radio on the ground by his chair.

I looked at the trees and inquired about the price. I wanted myself and hubby to pick up the tree together so I asked what time the ‘side-walk store” is open until.

The man replied “we are here 24 hours, 7 days a week, until christmas eve.”

So, if i want i can get my christmas tree at 4 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon, anytime of the day until christmas eve!

This is New York.

Central Park

A few weeks ago we went for a long walk through central park. We were walking slowly, taking in all the activity around us, hundreds of people, beautiful weather when we came across a narrow space covered with lots of trees. As to any area in Central Park this wasn’t unusual but there was a statue all dressed in white. This statue was standing very still just like it belonged there. As we got closer she started to move- bowing to everyone who were making donations. Her face was painted white, she had on this very old ballerina outfit on, and her movements were so gentle- and she can stand still for a long time in these amazing poses. There were a lot of things in NYC but this woman was so simple yet so powerful.