*This is the design on my cups and bowls*

*This is the design on my cups and bowls*

My mother-in-law gave us bunch of cooked foods to bring back so it’s so nice I don’t have to cook this week and maybe few days next week too. I was in the kitchen with her while she cooked, she definitely has passion for cooking and most importantly PATIENCE-as do both of my parents.

They have a tiny kitchen but she just loves being there- it’s her corner. She is always getting new recipes from her friends and trying them out and constantly asking for input from us while we are tasting her new creations.

In NYC, it’s much harder to find good produce- selections are very low, poor quality, and expensive. This has hindered the spontaneity and reckless cooking style I would like to engage in because you just can’t be too wasteful with foods you do find at the stores.

Cooking for me still seems very much like a chore- but I continue to do it because I can’t eat restaurant food all the time, Amazing Guy enjoys my home cooked meals, and sometimes you just have to grind yourself and do something until you find that little thing you like about it and it becomes a passion.

I am also thinking I would like to buy some cute dishes for the kitchen…it’ll be nice to put curries into cute pretty dishes and serve it on the kitchen table.