Don’t Let Perfect be the Enemy of Good.

I have four themes for 2011. Explore, Create, Focus, and Commit.

Some are simple for example explore refers to NYC and a way to remind myself to take a different path whenever I can to explore the city and its people.

Create for me is FUN! When I am creating something for the home, through my own ideas, and putting them around the apartment this is my fun. This is mostly a reminder to bring my own uniqueness into my surroundings and make our house a home.

I also have a business idea I would like to pursue and has to do a lot with being creative and creating it from the ground-up.

I love the definition of create “to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention. to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.”

Focus is focusing on the task at hand. Simple example is some days when I am making tea in the morning I’ll often come back and forth from the kitchen to the living room to constantly check something on the computer even though making a cup of tea only takes a few minutes.

This is to remind myself to just focus on the task at hand.

As I sat in front of my computer, on New Years eve, I was having the hardest time coming up with a theme for 2011. I could have just decided to give myself some time to think about it for a few days and come back to it.

However, I had a feeling that there was more to this and something didn’t feel right.

All of a sudden, a lightbulb went off, and I knew I wasn’t having a hard time coming up with a theme. I was having a hard time COMMITTING to a theme..which is two completely different things. I had a lot of themes but I was hesitating to declare that this is the theme(s) for year 2011.

As I thought about it more it dawned on me that this happens to me quit often. I don’t fully commit to things because I want perfection, to have all the answers, without any of the work.

I want to commit to my books, I want to commit to my workout routine, I want to commit to having fun and focusing on each one fully.

Like the saying goes “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.”

Committing is bigger-I am committing to the task and focus comes in when I focus on the task at hand. Committing to make tea and then having the focus through those few minutes to stay in the kitchen and focus just on tea.


My Theme Word(s) for 2011


Explore. Commit. Focus. Create.

These are my themes for 2011. The story behind each one soon.