Great List: #30, #31, and #32

My sister-in-law came into the city to spend a few days with us. Sorry for not posting everyday- I wanted to enjoy the moment.

Great List #30: Our First Visitor

Sis-in-law was our first visitor to our NYC apartment so it was fun to see how a small place like ours would do with a guest. I loved hearing from her how she found our place “cozy” among other things she exclaimed while she excitedly looked around. Cozy is great with me because I love going to different places and feeling cozy.

Great List #31: Waiting for a Guest to arrive

Such an exciting time when you are waiting for someone to arrive. My sis-in-law took the bus to the city from Montreal so we went to the port authority to meet her. There is always an excitement when you a hostess.

Great List #32: Girl Time

We did a lot of shopping over the weekend. It was so fun to talk about fashion and try new things on. For me it was wonderful to have a girl around to ask opinions on shoes, purses, and jewelery.

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