Great List #29: When a Stranger Understands

A few weeks ago I was at the library and joined the quiet area so I can listen to a presentation without any distractions. The entire place was packed with people who were looking to do the same. I waited a few minutes and found a seat when a woman left.

I sat down, got my computer out, and opened the presentation I wanted to listen to. I plugged in my headphones but somehow the headphones didn’t plug in properly- so my presentation started playing very loudly to all my neighbors. I quickly reached for the mute button and prevented anyone getting too annoyed with me.

However, I found the gentleman sitting right in front of me giving me a “a smile and an understanding expression.” So I whispered to him that “so sorry…hope I didn’t disturb you too much.” He whispered back “that always happens to me too with the headphones…and you didn’t disturb me at all.”

It is so nice when a stranger understands and gives you support. We ended up chatting for a bit and we both got back to our work.

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