Great List #21: A Painter’s Vision

At the park from my post yesterday I sat a few benches away from a woman who was painting. When I first sat down it seemed like she was in the middle phase of the portrait but it didn’t look like anything. I looked at it and said “what is she doing? Doesn’t look like anything in front of us.” Then about ½ hour later I looked again and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the portrait was. It was full of greenery- a beautiful view of the quiet zone. I was amazed at her skills as a painter. As I was sitting there I learned something about life- when you first see/feel something it might not be what you wanted or hoped for but after giving it some time any experience in life- bad and the good- can turn out to be a beautiful portrait. Just needs time to become beautiful.

One Comment on “Great List #21: A Painter’s Vision”

  1. rauthi says:

    great post

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