Great List #20: A Beautiful Quiet Zone

Last week on a beautiful sunny day I went for a small walk around the neighborhood. I got some lunch along the way and decided to have it by the river only a few blocks down. As I crossed the road to all the beautiful greenery and a glimpse of the river- I saw just up ahead a beautiful garden in the middle of this piece of land and benches along the side of the garden standing in the shade. I said “wow- so many things to explore in the city.” I took one side of the garden and walked around- couldn’t help but see the quiet zone sign mounted. A few people were there reading, painting, knitting- in the quiet spot in the city.

And it was a the most serene place to be quiet in.  I got this picture from the Carl Schurz Park site.

2 Comments on “Great List #20: A Beautiful Quiet Zone”

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  2. yellowscarf says:

    That is quite interesting. A quiet zone. I don’t think there is a quiet zone in MN, but then again every place is pretty quiet here:)

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