Great List #15: Finger Lickin’ Good

I remember just how unsure I was of my cooking a little over a year ago. Actually there was nothing to be unsure of …because there was no “my cooking.” I did not start cooking until I got married and moved away from home. I fried some eggs, made tea (once or twice), and back in 8th grade I tried a Thai dish (inspired by my pen pal) over my spring break hoping that I would be inspired to cook…that didn’t stick.

Once I came to the east coast I knew we couldn’t eat out at every meal so I got started with making a few dishes. I had great reference from both my parents who cook to know what a dish was supposed to taste like…the only problem is now I have to cook it. I didn’t know how big a piece of vegetable needed to be for a curry and what the different spices would do to my dish. I would be on the phone with my mom every few minutes as my dish was being prepared with endless questions.

So just over a year later it surprises me when my husband and I sit down for dinner and he would lick his fingers to not miss any of the remains of what I cooked. He would give a thumbs up and say this is delicious- and almost be speechless for a few seconds….

How far I have come…and where would I be in a year?

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