Great List #12: A Plan

I am having a wonderful time browsing Small/Cool 2011-the 7th Annual Smallest Coolest Home Contest going on at Apartment Therapy. It is so fun to browse these apartments (small/tiny) to see all the creativity that has gone into people’s home. I love looking at all the colors, furniture, pictures…whatever and get yummy ideas for my own place.

As I look at these apartments I realize how important it is to have a plan. At least an idea of what message you want to give your home. Without knowing this- it is much harder to be focused as so many ideas are thrown at you. If I start anything without any idea of what I want I find myself frustrated at everything that is given to me. A lot of these designers had a good plan when they began putting their apartments together so they knew exactly what pieces to pick up and what to ignore.

This is exactly the same thing with life- without a good understanding/plan of what you want from your life it becomes harder to stay focused on the message that speaks to you.


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