Great List #11: Something Better

I went to the library last week to check out books on quotation. I couldn’t find anything on my own so I asked a librarian to help me. I thought she would just point me in the direction of where the books were-I was wrong. She didn’t just find the books on the computer but had me follow her to where the section was. She showed me a few books and I said “well, these books seem pretty good to start with.” She looked at me and gave this face like “no, these are not good enough.” So she took it on her own to run to other sections and still couldn’t find anything that satisfied her. She came back to me and said “there are definitely better ones- I have it here somewhere.” So, she went back to her computer and DID find this huge book with so many wonderful quotations!

I really liked how she said “there are better ones.”


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