Learning Makes Me Feel Younger!

One of the activities that constantly makes me happier is my pursuit of knowledge. I love reading…just about everything. I try to give myself an opportunity to get into any subject-that is why on my nightstand you’ll find an assortment of books. I go to the library and will pick up a handful of books – just because. If something catches my eye I will check it out. That’s my philosophy about books- even if I only read a paragraph of a 200 page book- its okay. I gave it a chance and reading is never a waste of time.

I really like reading however I am not too good at retaining fully the information I read. Ever since I came back from vacation I been interested in the concept of learning because I know that I want to become better at retaining more knowledge. Learning keeps me happy, opens my world to unimagined possibilities, and makes me feel younger! When I can take what I learned and apply it in my life- that is the best feeling.

Since I been back I have gone to the library almost everyday and on average 4 hours or more each day. As I dive into my books I already feel great each day. I am more motivated and focused. I love it.

But I know I can get better. So I need your help. Are you a good student/learner-how are you a good student? What is your advice to retaining more knowledge? Memorization-have you found an easy way?


2 Comments on “Learning Makes Me Feel Younger!”

  1. Nihara says:

    I have the same problem with trying to remember more of what I learn. To help, I just started reading Moonwalking with Einstein (a new book on memory techniques). See if it works for you!

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation! I will look into it.

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