Great List #1: Zumba Class

This particular morning I was on my way to the gym- earlier than usual. As I got into the elevator going up to the 3rd floor there were a few ladies in the elevator with me talking excitedly about a new class. As I listened a little closer I heard it was a new Zumba class.

One of the ladies also said “he isn’t that bad to look at either…” meaning the instructor.
It was so cute that these older ladies were saying this. I was curious to learn more about the CLASS so I stopped one of the ladies to ask for more details. My main thing is that I wanted it to be a good workout. Some of these classes offered at the gym that I have been to before felt like a lot of wasted time because it doesn’t live up to a great workout.

So I told this particular lady about my concern and she said “Oh not a good workout but it’ll be great…you’ll be tired once you are done!”

Sure enough. I did go to the class and it was a great workout and I was dog tired afterwards!

To be happy: Try something new, fun, and be goofy!


One Comment on “Great List #1: Zumba Class”

  1. rauthi says:

    Yes, Zumba i love it’s a great workout

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