Library Hell

One thing I miss from the Midwest are the libraries! I was so excited to visit my local library this morning and get some study time in. I walked about 10 blocks carrying my laptop and my books in a gloomy/rainy day here in NYC. The library was so small and crowded already at 11 in the morning! People were sitting elbow to elbow and more people were walking around looking for a spot. The library was way too hot on top of all this activity.

A nice seating area right by the windows had big signs that it was reserved for a group- the hour I spent at the library I didn’t see one member of the group come to claim their spot. Yet here were people packed into tables and waiting their chances for computers.

What a mess. To use one tiny restroom at the library you have to go down about 20 flights of stairs into a basement dungeon.

The libraries I have known were large spacious areas for people to think and focus. And more than enough books to be checked out at any given time.


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