My Weekend in the Third Person

I wanted to write about my weekend but wanted to do it in a creative way.  So I decided to do in the third person and write it like a small story.  No laughs please!!

Here we go.

After the phone call came of a get together in Jersey, for the following Saturday, excitement and apprehension buzzed around the small apartment Jay and his wife, Karthi shared. They had traveled more than their share to Jersey but this was different- this will be a relaxed travel and a party waited them consisting of a small group of friends Jay has known for years. These friends have close connection to the first group of friends he met on his first days in the U.S. Now, most of the initial friends have moved out of the country, with marriage, work, and to escape the east coast life, but they did leave behind memories and friends that has kept them together. With these extended friends an update of a friend far far away is never out of reach.

The apprehension sits with Karthi who after marriage moved where Jay resided-loosing all her connections along the way. Now instead of knowing exactly who will be at a party and having more than enough stories to share, she finds herself not knowing what to expect. She made sure Jay called the day before the party to get the list of the attendees. She was relived to see among the party members, mostly male dominated, that there will be few women around her age attending.

(To be continued…)

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