Nature & Decorating


I move into the big city and only now do I want to feel nature in my surroundings. These leaf frames are hung above our bed almost making our room seem like there is a headboard..which is very cool. I was looking for a large picture to take up all this wall space above our head but didn’t want anything super too heavy either. Nothing like a heavy frame falling on us as we sleep. So I was thrilled to find these beautiful pictures. They are very light in weight and I feel so calm looking at them. When I first came across them at Bed Bath & Beyond they were sitting beneath a big pile of other discarded pictures.

How lucky I am!


I picked up some roses the other day as I was walking back to the apartment. The color was just sticking out compared to all the other roses so I brought these home and watched on YouTube how to take care of roses.

One Comment on “Nature & Decorating”

  1. swagata says:

    That’s a neat array of leaves there. LOve it.

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