Times Square & Our Saturday

When I first thought about what I would share with you about last weekend my Saturday seemed like the last thing. It seemed too boring to even share a bit of it with you…not even a sentence.

However, as I thought about it more and more a certain image in particular stood out.

Not Lost in New York

This one tiny image in my head inspired this post. Because of this image my Saturday all of a sudden felt like some weird movie…of the boring and the interesting.

In one day a lot was accomplished and lot of scene changes- there is a lot you can do and see in a day.

Saturday- We were off to Jersey. Woke up, not too early and not too late, had a quick breakfast. Took a cab to Penn Station and boarded the train into Jersey. On the train ride I observed boring landscapes; snowy and colorless.

We haven’t gone into Jersey to collect our mail in a long time which was the main reason for this trip.

Postal worker unable to put anymore mail in our box , the box filling up with mail, pieces of mail getting lost, abandoned on the side of the road…kept us up at night (j/k)

Once we were in the city our first stop was the mail, stopped by the bank, and off we went to the temple. We observed behaviors of people that prompted us to wonder why folks like this come to the temple or even pray to start with.

After the temple we had a vegetarian meal at an South Indian restaurant- Hubby’s haircut from his favorite and long time barber, went to look at some furniture, grocery shopping, dinner, and friends house.

When we drove back into the city it was past 9 PM. We didn’t want the hassle of finding a parking spot so we decided to bring the car back to Jersey and catch the train back.

The trains run half past the hour so definitely the 9:30 PM was out of the question and even 10:30 PM was out too- so 11:30 PM it was. Since we had plenty of time to get back into Jersey-Hubby had a brilliant idea- lets take the car right into Times Square.

We had an amazing time driving around Times Square- all the buildings lit up, so many people, lights everywhere.

It was a different experience from walking because when you are walking you are trying to dodge other pedestrians- no time to really sit still to watch all the buildings and all the lights.

Being in the car- it was an enclosed space with just us parked on the side of the road and our music as the only distraction.

In one day there were so many scene changes that I can’t get the image of Times Square out of my head. What a different scene from early morning on the train- complete opposite.


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