Hubby’s Gift

I had the toughest time finding a nice photography book on Africa for my Hubby.

hubby's gift1

I spent close to two hours looking at every section at Barnes & Noble! The lady who was helping me seemed really impressed with my determination to find something at B&N. I am sure a lot of customers don’t want to do the work and just have her find everything for them.

Her attitude definitely changed once she saw that I was determined and was willing to put in the work and time to find the book. I wanted to find a book there so I can see all the pictures and get a feel for the book before I buy it.

All both of us did was tire ourselves out because we found nothing!

I finally told the lady I’ll check Amazon and she agreed that might be the best option. Before the internet where would we have all turned to find that perfect gift- it still amazes me how much we can do with the internet.


I found this beautiful photography book titled “Serengeti- Natural Order on the African Plain” by Mitsuaki Iwago for about $20! What a steal.

Some pictures for you to enjoy.





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