Year End Review

I am having a superb time, the last few days, in making goals for 2011 inspired by The Art of Non-Conformity blog post. These are not just goals rather specific tasks outlined, in a very handy spreadsheet, that will lead to completion of your goal- and I am loving taking some quiet time to ponder just how 2011 should be.

As it says on the post you start off asking two very important questions: What went well in 2010 and what didn’t go well in 2010.

It surprised me that when I asked these questions to myself all I could come up with was a blank stare and nothing positive! Does that mean I might just be a negative person? Or was it just the mood I was in? Either way, it shocked me that after all the changes in 2010 I couldn’t come up with a few positive things.

I told myself to “get a grip, look at all the things I have accomplished for 2010 and think.”

And then everything came together…Leaving MN, planning a wedding, getting married, moving to NYC, learning to manage life as a married lady:)… Sure, there is always room to improve but look at where I am!

Depending on the time and your mood, looking at the previous year and doing a review can feel very overwhelming. There might be some hesitation when you start looking at life and what went wrong that were in your control…you might come up with all the wrong things and want to give up. Once this happen give yourself a change and push yourself to look beyond the negativity and get yourself to a place for constructive critisim.

I am excited to see where next year will lead. So, go over to The Art of Non-Conformity blog and give the spreadsheet a look- its pretty fun once you start.

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