One Word Resolution.

I have been following The Happiness Project blog for over a year now and this is my all time favorite post.

Gretchen Rubin describes the one word resolution “There’s a kind of resolution that I’ve never made before, but that has always fascinated me: identifying one idea, often summarized in just one word, as an overarching theme for the entire year.”

Since she published this post I can’t stop thinking about my theme. It is such a great idea and so new to me. My new year resolutions in the past has always been list of things and by March (or even earlier) is long forgotten.

Having a one word theme for 2011 seems simple- and hopeful.

The author describes how her sister came up with different words “One year was the year of “Free Time.” Another year was “Hot Wheels” — that year, she got a car and started driving; she and I have both struggled with a fear of driving, which was much tougher for her, given that she lives in Los Angeles and I live in New York City. “

This one word theme resolution will pop in my head as I go through my daily activities-at the oddest times. For example, today as I am shopping for some new lamps for the bedroom. I am glad this happens because its a clear indication that I need to spend more time thinking about my word and my theme for 2011.

I will reveal my word/theme to you in detail (since I am still pondering) on New Year’s day.

What would your theme/word be for 2011?

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