Shopping & Remodeling

I haven’t done a lot of cooking this week- a little busy with a potential career change endeavor and we had a bunch of things leftover from earlier this week.  I am having these wonderful New York salads for dinner that Hubby brings so cooking has definitely decreased a bit. I am sure soon enough I will be craving home cooked meals.

On a decorative front, I always wanted a bedroom that was cozy, serene, comfortable, clutter-free, a beautiful space that not only allows us to get some restful sleep but a sanctuary with all things we love. So, I am EXCITED to announce that I am remodeling-not doing anything massive like breaking walls down but definitely bringing lovely pretty things into our bedroom and taking ugly things out! Wait for the before/after pictures.

We had a few gift cards from our wedding that still needed to be used. Being so busy right after our wedding, my move to the east coast and then our move to NYC, I didn’t want to invest in anything because I didn’t know what type of place we would get. Now that I know what I have to work with- I am SHOPPING. It is a great time to shop online because a lot of stores have free deliveries if you buy upto a certain amount- hasn’t been too hard for me.

So today, after some shopping and lunch with Hubby, I had a tough time getting into our apartment because a huge box was sitting right in front of it. After I bring the box in I get a buzz that yet another box is waiting downstairs…those were some books…I am having a blast. Seriously, I love books.


One Comment on “Shopping & Remodeling”

  1. rauthi says:

    as we talked on the phone,
    TJ Maxx would be a great place to shop for your new things.
    Happy remodeling..

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