Searching for: Yogurt Rice!

A few weekends ago, Hubby and I had an important archana at a temple. The appointment was for 11:30 a.m. and we couldn’t have anything to eat before going. We got so hungry driving to the temple that we did end up having a few bananas.

We were a little hesitant about eating but a wonderful priest told us that we should be utmost comfortable when we are worshipping.

The arachana lasted for two hours- myself, hubby, and the priest doing various blessings to the deities as we prayed. After the archana, I felt like a new person, but a hungry one! I was so SO glad to see some offerings that people have brought over to the temple and were nicely displayed at the front table. The priest told us to help ourselves and off we went.

The different dishes all tasted so good as we feasted on all the deliciousness!

I especially liked the yogurt rice! I have never had it before- I loved the simplicity of it yet all the ingredients jumped around in my mouth.

I am on the search for a recipe that I can make at home and bring it back to the temple to share with others.

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