Maggie’s Coconut Powder

When I was in Minnesota last week we had some amazing meals at home. Among all the delicious dishes I woke up to, one dish stood out. A potoato curry that my mom made. I liked it immediately because it seemed simple to make but still it tasted so good – simple receipes are the ones I am drawn to. If you want complicated dishes you ask my dad or look at a cookbook. The entire house was drawn to this potato curry instantly and it mixed well with puttu.

I quickly went to my mom and inquired what is the secret ingredient that is in her curry. That is when my mom introduced me to a packet of Maggie’s Coconut Powder. For a large pototao curry dish she only added a spoon of this coconut powder after mixing it in some warm water.

I made sure to buy a box and bring it with me to NYC.

Since my move I have been obssessed with making a great spinach curry like my parents have made over the years. Spinach is such a great vegetable because of all the fiber and I wanted to make it a staple in my diet and in order for this to happen I need good receipes.

However, anytime I inquired about the spinich curry my mom always have said that some coconut is needed. Where am I going to go for coconut- to grind them seemed like a lot of work in my little kitchen.

Now, since I have this amazing and easy coconut powder mix I can finally make that spinich curry.

During just one week time I have tried my hand at three different styles of spinach curry hoping one after another would best remind me of my home-cooked spinach curry. Today, finally, I hit the jackpot! The only differnce was how long I cooked the spinach- it made all the difference.

2 Comments on “Maggie’s Coconut Powder”

  1. Chelvi S says:

    Nice site! Love all those things you are posting. I will read all when I am a bit free — especially the post about ‘7 habits of effective people’.

    Yes, Maggie coconut powder makes wonders in dishes and I use them too. You can even buy them in NJ Indian stores or some stores in NY (Staten Island)

  2. I haven’t been to Staten Island yet but I plan on visiting soon!! Thanks for stopping by!

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