Idea & the Anniversary Card

I am excited this morning because I am pondering an idea. The idea stems from this saying ““If you are going to do something do it well.” I am imaging what that would mean if I take small things in my life and incoperate this idea into them. I am going to try to do things with utmost love and to the best of my abilities. How would this frame of mind feel lke when I am cooking (taking extra care to add ingredients, cutting the vegetables in a nice even way), when I am getting ready (putting on a cute accessory, ironing jeans if is needed), or when I am cleaning (finishing one section before moving on, buying things I always like and pleases my eyes instead of worrying about the cost).

For example, last week I picked out an anniversary card for my second set of parents.

Here was the dialoge I had with myself at the Hallmark store:

I shouldn’t spent too much money on a card afterall its paper.” immediately I told myself as I walked into the Hallmark store.

This was a wrong thought because anniversaries come only once a year and a truly good time to let people know how much you appreciate them and care for them.

I remembered the idea “Wait, what about my rule of if you are doing something/buying something- get something nice even if it cost a few more dollars and imagine the look on parents faces when they receive a nice card with a great verse in the mail.”

So once I realized the benefit of getting a nice card I stopped immediately flipping to the backside to look at the prices- instead I just focused on the card. There was this one particular card that looked very nice and the verse was just terrific. I knew this card would be appreciated more than all the medicore cards that were in the store.

When I got home I was excited to sent it off right away- The hubby really liked it when I showed it to him and my mother-in-law called right away when she received the card.

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