Such Negativity

You just have to wonder what happens to people who are negative and bad mouth others for selfish reasons. When I say you have to wonder what happens I am asking myself how do they become like this, have they been rewarded for such behaviors, and what are they teaching their children. I experienced such negativity just a few days ago. I went to get my eyebrows done and I have never been to this woman before. She was outright rude to her clients as they were calling on the phone to make appointments. You would think she would realize being a little nice will get her other recommendations to grow her business.

Not only was she rude to her existing customers but also bad mouthed everyone else who were in the same business as her. “Who did you go to before?” she asked, mixing the wax together. “oh, the lady on Knox ave.” I really liked the lady on Knox Ave because she was patient with things and truly wanted to do it well. I called her before I came here but she was going to India that very day. Holding the wax in her hand she said “ I didn’t like her- she cheated me because she doesn’t use the products she claims to use for her facials – she is a cheat.” “I guess its a good thing I don’t go to her for facials-only for threading and waxing.” I said as I uncomfortably moved around in my chair. I have not been to any other ladies who bad mouth others – how insecure are you in your business that you have to do that to get business. She said rather aggressively “she doesn’t do a good job with waxing either- she is a cheat.”

She also had a very small son probably around 3 years old and was pregnant with another. I wonder how these kids will grow up- will they also feel like they have to put someone down to achieve something?

As I got to my car I knew I would never step foot in that lady’s house again. She may have done a decent job but her attitude ruined the entire experience for me.

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