Link (s) of the Week.

I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago..somedays I find staying up to be such an exhilarating experience especially if I find good things to read. This is one of the articles I really liked and felt it resonated a lot with how I felt in college.

“Students recognize that it would be impossible to delve deeply into their school subjects, even if they wanted to. Time does not permit it. They must follow the schedule set by the school curriculum. Moreover, many of them have become convinced that they must also engage in a certain number of formal extracurricular activities, to prove that they are the “well rounded” individuals that top colleges are seeking. Anyone who really allowed himself or herself to pursue a love of one subject would fail all the others. To succeed, students must acquire just the limited information and shallow understanding that is needed to perform well on the tests; anything beyond that is wasted time. All of the top students learn that lesson.”

When you really really can’t sleep and don’t feel like reading- like Halloween eve here in NYC where it was time for all the adults to party and keep all their neighbors up (having very loud conversations and purposely playing with their car alarms)- well, movies for such an occasion come in handy. Found the Hindi movie Taare Zameen Par. I heard a lot of things when I was in college from a few friends and always wanted to see it. I was so happy to see it online. It was such a cute movie almost made me want to be a teacher.

I like these songs- here and here.

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