Daily Musing…

Met Amazing Guy for lunch today (a good meal indeed- we went off the usual salad spot (salad here in the city are AMAZING-more on that later) because both of us aren’t feeling too well and wanted something a bit more filling). We were all done with our meals but it was so hard to find someone to give us our check- we were all ready to walk out without paying but finally a waiter helped us.

After lunch, off I went to browse Macy’s on 42nd Street. It’s always so busy-I miss a quieter shopping experience 🙂 but this is NYC after all. Bought myself a wallet to hold ALL of my little cards (gift cards from my bachelorette party that i still need to spend, metro cards, credit cards…) A tiny step to a more organized me….the hubby would be very very happy at my attempt to get organized.

I also bought a shirt for Amazing Guy- don’t know if he’ll like it but we’ll see. I like Macy’s because if you have their credit card they sent you a bunch a great coupons- the one I used today was 2 cupons with $30 purchase $10 off.

After my little shopping spree at Macy’s -i went to browse the wholesale jewelry shops a few blocks down. Bought a few silver earrings for my sister-in-law, a headband for a tiny friend, and a hair clip for my mother-in-law…we’ll wait and see if they will like it.

At the wholesale shops they always have some kind of restrictions because the things in these stores are VERY cheap. Some of the restrictions I saw were ($10 minimum or 6 items min. some small variations in neighboring stores) I went into a store that the front desk woman confirmed were 6 items min. (even then I wasn’t sure if I really could find six items that I needed just now) then there was another lady saying we must buy 12 items!! I got into it a bit with the lady because I announced to the entire store that one person is saying 12 items and another 6 items and finally I told the front desk lady I have only four items in my basket – do you want my money or not….and she said “FINE!”

The wholesale shops changes the rule depending on how busy it is for them- weekends might be tougher I think for any type of “breaking the rule-if there is one” to take place.

As I was coming home, I stopped by a few of the vegetable/fruit carts and bought a bunch of fruits- strawberries, bananas, plums…i MISSED them- since its was raining majority of last week they closed shop and were nowhere to be found but today even though its gloomy and a bit rainy – they were out!! First thing Amazing Guy called and told me when he got into work was “the vendors are out for you today.” YAY!

Stopped by the movie rental store and got a few movies TOO- probably be watching at least one of them tonight in bed.

Amazing Guy should be home in a bit- I still have some things in the sink that need to be washed…

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