Mood & Sleep

We have all heard of the importance of sleep and this week I am reminded more and more of just how important sleep is in our relationships.  Amazing Guy and I have a meeting this month and need to gather lots and lots of documents from many different resources.  This has proven to be a tough task. It is so hard to get something for YOU from these big companies.  Our calls get transferred to call centers but no one really knows anything.  The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.  Our bank who we trust with our money is all smiles when we open accounts with them but when we need something its all frowns from the other side.  We pay so much for health insurance but during these calls the company doesn’t care about the mental health of their subscribers – this is evident in them transferring me from one person to another without an answer in sight for over hour and a half.

I can only imagine how tough this would be for any couple who both have 8-5 jobs.  When would you have time to sit on your phone for this long?

So without any doubt this has been tough on us.  Relaying information to one another with all the questions in the middle.  Can we do it like this?  Can they give us something like this?  Can you call them again and ask for…?  Why didn’t you ask for something more specific?  Did you get an extension of the representatives?  No, they don’t give extensions?  Are you sure…did you really really make sure. Did the letter have this and that.  so forth… yes, its exhausting.

With the lack of sleep it has affected me even more. I’ll be the first to admit after numerous observations that when I don’t get enough sleep everything anyone says sounds like a finger on a blackboard.  My mood is severely affected by lack of sleep; I have no patience, I am irritable, I jump to conclusions…..

The Harvard Women’s Health Watch notes six reasons to get enough sleep; learning and memory, metabolism and weight, safety (falling asleep during the day), mood, cardiovascular health, and disease.

Life happens and when we know we lack sleep on a particular day/week/ I would try really hard not to have any conversation that can potentially lead to an argument.  Sometimes I’ll tell Amazing Guy that I need some me time for the afternoon so my moodiness doesn’t affect him.

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