“There will be no pets in the house.”

Amazing Guy and I started off talking on the phone before we met in person.  After about a week of doing this I had to tell Amazing Guy my rule.  The text message went something like this “There will be no pets in the house.  I am sorry I just don’t want any pets in my house and if that is a problem for you we can stop this conversation before it goes any further.”  Amazing Guy didn’t text back for a few hours which was unusual for us.  I figured he was shocked by my text…  He called and said “we must compromise.”  I said “no, I don’t want to compromise-this is not one of those issues that I can see myself compromising over.”

This, at the beginning of our relationship seemed like it was important and only fair to let him know -afterall it wasn’t something I was willing to compromise on.

I never grew up with pets in the house so I don’t see pets as being a major part of my life either.  Never have.  I also think it has to do with being a little scared of pets in general- would they listen to me, would they jump at me and what if I fall down on to a table and hit my head..I am in a coma for a month…well, you get the picture?  I was not one of those children that begged their parents for a dog or a pony.  When I was younger my best friend had a dog and I was so anxious when he would come around where I was. I didn’t know if he was going to jump at me, lick me, or want to be petted.

We let this conversation take a back seat as other conversations became the center of our attention.

Only now and I should have guessed it back then as well, do I know that Amazing Guy is definitely an animal lover.  National Geographic and Animal Planet are his favorite channels.  Any situations/disagreements where he thinks stress is the cause of it – he will always remind me how if we just had a pet in the house we’ll all be so much better.  And when he found this article he had to show it to me.

I’ll remind him of my text earlier in our relationship  and his reply will be “I didn’t want a big wedding but I compromised.”

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