Let’s Fight About It!

Sometimes it’s just so hard to let an argument go! Sometimes the argument just vanishes.

Every little thing about Amazing Guy this weekend drove me up the wall. I was annoyed that the long weekend started off with our indecisiveness, we couldn’t even decide if we should get out of the house or not, our guest bedroom has been turned into “let me put all my crap in there so I can better organize it…even if it takes indefinite amount of time” and should we or should we not move into the city.

It was just so strange- to have an amazing beautiful sunny day to enjoy and feeling like nothing would fix the frustration we felt with each other. As the weekend came to a rollercoaster ending, the anger list …small and big… seemed like it wouldn’t stop growing.

Somehow, don’t really understand it, after having dinner late on Sunday night at home as we continued to not speak to each other…4 hours and counting, all of it- the anger, hurt, resentment just melted away-from our bodies, hearts, and heads.

On Monday morning, we woke up bright and early, found a cozy spot in our patio, and had a conversation- without finger pointing, anger, and expectations. A nice conversation while sipping on coffee.

Next time, I am going to try a suggestion from David at LivSimpl on ways to diffuse an argument. When a disagreement peaks its ugly head between Amazing Guy and myself I am going to say “Let’s fight about it.”

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