Our Court Ceremony…

Amazing Guy and I did the legal thing last week. It was a mini Hindu wedding. There were three other couples married at the court house and we were the most dressed up! With all the bright colors- we couldn’t help but stand out in the crowd.

The day went something like this:

Early morning start!
Almost 1 ½ hour waiting at the court room for the judge
15 minutes with the judge
We exchanged some beautiful garlands and rings.
Dinner at all vegetarian Indian spot in NJ-yummy!!
Chit chat at home for a bit
Amazing Guy bought some a heart-shaped cake that we cut and shared with our family. More pictures were taken.
We went the temple.
Picked up some food at the same Vegetarian spot and brought it come.
Ate dinner.
Reviewed photos, photos, and MORE PHOTOS.

My brother kept asking me if I was nervous…and I wasn’t.
Isn’t that something?


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