A Bit Stressed!

Today Amazing guy and I fought. This isn’t of course unusual however the way it concluded was a bit interesting. We got into a heated argument, he hung up the phone on me, and I called to ask if he truly did hang up on me?

We have agreed in the beginning of our relationship we would not hang up the phone in the amidst of an argument – which I BROKE first, a few months into the agreement and now today, somewhat more cool and calm Amazing Guy, failed at.

I called and asked “did you hang up on me?”
His reply “I think so.”
“Did you have a blackout or something you don’t remember.”

On and on…

Me “you know what- we are done talking about this- have a good night and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

We always ALWAYS say goodnight to each other and have not missed a day of doing so. Yet, I said it.

The way everything ended was not sure if Amazing Guy would call since he is a hour ahead and always the first to say good night.

To somewhat of a surprise he does call. My sweet guy!

We ask each other how we are, talk a bit about our day, and conclude it with a few kisses on the phone. Ha!

Sometimes its just easy to let go of an argument than to analyze it.

Lessons learned:

I need to listen better!

Anyone have any advice?

I am busy painting my bedroom the past few days and the next week I’ll be busy painting the living room, guestroom, and my parents bedroom. Something about weddings and painting…

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