1st- Interview in the Big City

I went to my first job interview in NYC last Friday. Every time I applied for jobs, I would receive an e-mail confirming if I was aware that the opening is in NYC. First, how likely is it that you are going to move unto the interview if you didn’t even pay attention to where the job posting is?

That being said I would have done a few things differently. As with any interviews I walked out of there thinking “that went………..I have no idea.” Then, it turned into “what was I thinking? I said that? What? What? What?” My flight back to Minnesota “I think I did okay…there is a chance.” After the remark about my Minnesota accent I wanted to fit in- so I thought perhaps I would do what a New Yorker might do:

Sterotypes are to be excused…

About the commute of all things in New York. My nerves got the better of me so when questions weren’t being thrown at me I complained about the subway (bad idea). I wanted to find a common ground with my interviewers. Complaining is just a bad idea anywhere in the world when it comes to an interview. You want to leave the room with the positive energy.

Know the department and the job description:
Don’t assume what they need in the department. That’s why I had a job description- memorize it and preach it.

Know the City at least pretend:
I was asked if I knew Manhattan all that well. I had to be honest- besides days spent with Amazing Guy and him leading me- I don’t know. So what do I have to do now? Learn it. Know the city. Know the location of where the interview is taking place and the surrounding areas. They are looking for confidence so demonstrate it.

Always ask follow-up questions:
Don’t be nice by not asking. Ask at least one question especially if the offer for questions is on the table.

Stop saying “amazing view”:
There is something to see everywhere in New York.

Be in tune with the needs of the department:
They needed someone to start as soon as possible so tell them you will be there tomorrow if they want. Work with your current manager. Give the options- working remotely as I wrap up my current position. This inspires confidence.

Get there 15 minutes early:
This is a must! New Yorker or not. A time to sit quietly and reflect on the upcoming interview.

Know your organizational skills:
And be ready with examples. In the fast-paced world we are living in being organized it’s a must for any employer.

To the questions and answer appropriately.

Interview 1
Job offer 0


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