Wedding Venue

Is not rocket science to say that first impressions count. So why doesn’t wedding venues seem to get that? A few days ago I went to look at the ballroom at Embassy Suites; sure it was a day before Thanksgiving around 3 PM, but still. I did what I was supposed to do- called a few days before and made sure the time/day still worked for them. I was told that I wouldn’t have a problem with looking at the ballroom by myself, which surprised me a little because I don’t know other hotels that allow strangers to wander around which every way they liked, but still I thought maybe this is such a place.

When I got there however I was made to wait until they tracked someone from the catering place to show me around. Then this woman came who barely smiled and had zero energy nor excitement.

When I asked to see the room that the ceremony would be held in she replied “it mirrors this one…so you get the picture.”

The impression was set.

When I first started my wedding venue search I had no idea how to even begin or what questions to ask- but we all need to start somewhere. I started off by making list of what was important for the wedding. I knew the most essential part about having a Hindu ceremony is for the priest to perform the rituals which always included fire. This is why every venue I contacted the first question was always about the need to start a small fire then came is April 3rd available?

2 Comments on “Wedding Venue”

  1. Don’t forget to think outside the box too. You can always hire a venue that isn’t always associated with weddings and style it in the way you would like using chair covers and table linen as well as back drops etc. Saves money and is versatile too.

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