First E-mail.

I talked to my amazing guy close to three months before I went to meet him. We talked a lot during this time.

I was the first to e-mail him. The e-mail went something like this:

“Hello Amazing guy, my dad gave me your e-mail address. Please confirm I have the right address before we continue. – Thanks your amazing lady.”

I love how I wrote “before we continue” –We continue in this adventure called arranged marriage.

For my e-mail, a day or two later, I received a reply:

Hello, amazing lady. How are you? Thanks for your e-mail and yes, you have the right e-mail address. Hoping that we can talk over the weekend depending on your schedule. Let me know your thoughts.”

I found this to be quite warm to my e-mail. I remember thinking why did I treat my first e-mail to him so businesslike. I should have at least said “how are you?” What kind of impression did I make on him?

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