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Jane Green’s Creaky Cottage

Managing Time and Space

Found this article placed in my office by my husband- Managing time and space

The book reveals that high-earning moms don’t work around the clock, but they do work flexibly — blending work, family and personal time in a rich mosaic where personal and work time aren’t separated by a rigid divide. For example, 75 percent of women conducted personal activities during typical work hours in the week that they tracked. About the same number conducted work activities during personal hours, logging on after the kids went to bed or checking e-mails in the grocery line. Many women worked remotely, whether by a set number of hours or on rare occasions.

For one, combing through your collections teaches the tough lesson that interests can be fleeting, but the money spent is forever.

I was skeptical at first, but I am now convinced that clearing out unappreciated items from your home opens up mental room in addition to space in your house. I’ve been less frustrated about where to store items in our small home, less desirous of a bigger house, and more critical when I’m shopping.

Talking with My Appa

I met my appa (dad) at my brother’s restaurant. we just talked and chatted. My wonderful dad- so full of ideas and energy.

Thank you God for this blessing.

Amma Asante

Finding this video was just amazing. Amma Asante- how cool! So well spoken and inspiring.

Thank you God for this blessing.

Rainy Days


I love rainy days only if it is followed by a sunny day! One day of rain is just perfect enough to be around the house and be still. Watching Korean dramas (yes! addicted!), doing creative projects, making the house look prettier and feel cozier. Love it all!

Thank you God for this blessing.

Hard Choices


I enjoy reading Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton. I read it just to learn something new- maybe a new word or a new thought. The first week I brought this book to the cafe to read, one man seemed a little annoyed of my reading choices, and we exchanged a few polite words. I take breaks from it and go back to it. I read full chapters in one sitting and few pages at the next. I go to it when I want to and close it when I am ready.

That’s how I choose to read Hard Choices.

Fruit Basket

Fun in the Snow

Pure Magic

Great List #37: The Office Job

To the girl who said in admiration “wow you work in an office…that’s so great- you have your career going.” To that girl, keep dreaming and reaching for that office job.